Village Arts Of Putney

Friday-Sunday, May 5-7, 2017       9:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m.                Tuition: $395  


This course involves learning to paint consciously using very specific exercises to teach particular concepts. Each exercise that Stephanie teaches builds upon the next painting concept. In this workshop you will learn how to "see" in a different way in order to sculpt your painting with very intentional color, values and edge placement via specific exercises. All levels are welcome.

A beautiful painting in any medium is still beautiful, as long as it is painted beautifully! This is what this class is about. Many artists work in more than one medium. Stephanie, award-winning member of the Putney Painters, works in both oil and pastel and is often told that it is hard to tell them apart. She often paints the same subject in both mediums and has painted plein air with two easels side by side, different mediums! Her limited pastel palette is based on her oil palette and so the color combinations work in both mediums. If you are a plein air painter, this pastel palette makes painting anywhere in pastel easy. The focus of this workshop will be getting the most out of your materials with different under-paintings; various ways to start a painting and how to follow it through to completion. There will be ample time spent on composition along with learning to simplify shapes in order to build strength in your painting. Correct values, descriptive edges and atmosphere will also be covered. All of these contribute to a successful, beautiful painting. This class will teach to you to really look at what you are doing, slow down, think about it, and move to another level in awareness of “painting beautifully!"

Registration: Contact Stephanie at <> or call: (239) 571-8895