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"Carol Arnold's Portrait Tutorial E-Book"
This is a wonderful look into Carol Arnold's thought processes as she paints her daughter's portrait. Arnold will demonstrate the importance of slowing down, asking the right questions to avoid ... more ...

"Carol Arnold's Portrait Tutorial E-Book"

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*Once Village Arts of Putney receives payment, Carol Arnold's Portrait Tutorial e-book will be sent to the purchaser's eddress as a pdf.  

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Grace by Carol Arnold
"Grace by Carol Arnold"
Late Afternoon   by  Carol Arnold
"Late Afternoon by Carol Arnold"
Sweet Sarah  by  Carol Arnold
"Sweet Sarah by Carol Arnold"
Pink Shore  by  Carol Arnold
"Pink Shore by Carol Arnold"
Summer  by  Carol Arnold
"Summer by Carol Arnold"
Pears and Grape Jelly  by  Carol Arnold
"Pears and Grape Jelly by Carol Arnold"
Grace Resting,  Carol Arnold
"Grace Resting, Carol Arnold"
Begonias by  Carol Arnold
"Begonias by Carol Arnold"
Young Rider by Carol Arnold
"Young Rider by Carol Arnold"
August Afternoon
"August Afternoon"
Coral Scarf
"Coral Scarf"
Yellow Apples and Berries
"Yellow Apples and Berries"
Carol Arnold's Portrait Tutorial E-Book
"Carol Arnold's Portrait Tutorial E-Book"